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Engine Repair & Engine Swap

Does your vehicle make weird noises while trying to start-up? Starts up but then fails? Or Has your car recently stopped running? This can be BIG headache, we know, we've been in your shoes. Well your in luck. Here @Guatemex you have the best automotive mechanic in Salt Lake City, Utah. Call us @ our Auto Hotline.

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Struts & Shocks

Is your ride bouncing up and down like an old jalopy? Utah has a lot of bumpy roads and it can be tough on your car especially when there is daily construction. You can trust us here @Guatemex when it comes to your vehicles suspension we are professionals at finding the root problem and giving it the proper repairs that it needs.


Struts & Shocks





We know you need to get from point A to point B. We know you want your car to GO when you tell it to GO! Well sometimes we are so focused on GO and almost forget to STOP when you need it to STOP! Here @Guatemex we can help keep your vehicle, reliable as possible, by making sure your brakes are in the best possible working conditions. For you and your family's safety, make sure you come by and get them checked out.

Brake Service



Mufflers & Exhaust

Whether you want a louder ride or need a repair here @Guatemex we can do that for you. Whether you Need it for performance, looks, sounds, efficiency, or Utah Standards, we @ Guatemex Can Hook you up with a new, customizable exhaust!

Mufflers & Exhaust


Emission &Safety Inspection Renewals (Sticker Provided)

It's that time of the year again, you need to renew your yearly Emission & Safety Inspection. Here @Guatemex we care about the environment, we live in because we all breathe same air. Your safety is our top priority! By having your vehicle checked yearly, you can help everyone that lives in the state of Utah breathe Fresher Air!

Emission & Inspection


Oil Change & Tune-Up

Have you ever wondered why your vehicle's oil is so black, smells burnt, and dripping all over your drive way? Is your car not starting up like it used to? Are you constantly telling yourself that you will be taking it to the Best auto Repair Shop in Salt Lake City but haven't actually done any research to look around. Well stop thinking and take action. You have come to the Right Place. Stop wondering about when was the last time you cared for your vehicles health and come visit @Guatemex Today.

Oil Change & Tune Up

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